RAIN (Poem)

In honour of Earth Day

This costs nothing and means everything when you're gone.

Here’s how it begins: arid aquamarine skies,
mouths open wide, fiendishly gather the sticky breeze.
A ravenous binge; bellies brimming in excess to earth below.
A hint of scandal darkens the mood of weddings,
picnics, and hopes bent on ideal weather. Vulgar
elements arrive unannounced to unleash their mischief,
disposing of all pleasantries, thwarting joyful plans.

Listen: lethargy yields to unrestrained
glee among wilted flowers and listless trees. Tawny
fields brighten, anticipating days of dancing, exquisitely
dressed, to venerate the ultimate arrival of rain,
graciously sharing its gifts with the meadow again.
A crescendo of children sing, turning puddles to
playgrounds; melodies of muddy hands and feet
colour the grim impression of overcast skies.

Consider this: nature escapes the grasp human
hands extend to cut it down and frame the weather.
The ill-intention spawns cruel deeds, fuels a ravaging
of earth to meet our needs. It goes on – despite the easy
way elements erode our walls, exposing the empty logic in
our cause. Minds brace for war, fearing a perpetual storm,
when laying down arms sharpens the senses, attunes them to
the frequency that stirs meadows to dance and children to sing.

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