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Vanished Flowers, Faded Stars


“The peonies in the yard; they’re sublime,” she said. So we set our roots there on a whim. Our family blossomed, nourished by a mixture of love and hope.

The kids launched themselves down the balustrade and imagined space-walks to the kitchen; in the simple light fixtures astronauts loitered among ‘the brilliant stars.’

Time and complacency starved the delight that sustained our home. I agonize over how luminous cosmic lights simply fade; how a marriage flounders in the undergrowth of enmity.

“When did the peonies vanish?” I said.

“I don’t know.”

She closed the door as I left our house for the last time.


This has been an installment of the Friday Fictioneers Challenge. If you would like to give the challenge a try, start at Rochelle’s Purple Blog and join the fun.

Here’s the concept: A weekly picture is posted, and the writer is challenged to produce one-hundred (more or less) words of some sort of fiction with a complete plot (beginning, middle and end).

Have fun and happy writing!

7 comments on “Vanished Flowers, Faded Stars

  1. It seems that these huge changes in people’s lives almost happen under the radar, like the vanishing of flowers you assume will be there. Great read!

    • Indeed. It is a reality to which so many, myself included, can personally relate. It is amazing what can be salvaged if only we could pay a little closer attention.

  2. Dear Edmund,

    Poignant story, tenderly written.



  3. Sometimes, the magic gets lost in time, and it’s sad when that happens. Very moving narration!

  4. Sad and touching, sometimes we are oblivious to the changes around us. Nicely done.

  5. Changes are here to stay even if we like it or not. Sad but true

  6. A beautiful description of the small details of happy family life – makes the disintegration at the end so tragic. Sad.

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