Cosmic Shift

Matisse - Le Bonheur de Vivre

Matisse – Le Bonheur de Vivre

“Faith and love; what
elegant, irrational schemes.
Fables made of hungry minds,
cooked-up in our dreams.”

Time eventually summons
celestial bodies in the rift.
Alchemy enters the fray,
sets the stage for a cosmic shift.

A new perspective widens the lens,
opens the world to a fresh set of eyes.
The caustic veil gradually lifts,
beauty throws off its modest disguise.

The universe rejoices when
kindred spirits come together.
Those who battle with love on their side,
easily resist the cruelest of weather.

Years of bitter appraisals,
sweetened with a beloved kiss.
A swell of amorous sentiment,
walls of reason gladly dismissed.


Forever Road

Memory GhostOn a dark road, physics conspires with human frailty;
wheels set in motion toward an inconceivable end.
Strangers advancing in their separate ways
will tragically meet, just around the bend.

Her mind’s eye is trained on the chasm between she
and others; reproachful voices fill her head.
Regrets cascade swiftly from her broken body,
drawn away forever, lost in seas of red.

Sixteen hours since the freshman left for
home, he carries on despite such weary eyes.
Roused awake, he soars across the hood,
a family forever haunted by the surprise.

The journey between past and future winds through
countless moments, each joined together by the breath.
Until the last, when future never comes, past exists
in memory, and the road forever ends in death.