A Natural Escape

Photo: sun-surfer.com

It had been a while since the ravages of
life exiled you to a cabin in the woods.
Unyielding swells of memory rolled in the
dark solitude that first night, drowning
you in apparitions of failure and regret.

At dawn you slip the grasp of languid ghosts,
step outside to bathe your senses in undaunted
air. Each care-free breath uproots the mind’s
revolt, which blossoms shadows as hours
unfold, and feeds your hunger for escape.

A chorus of loons echoes across the lake, the
sweetness in the song draws you out. Sitting idle
on the dock, your penchant for activity left behind,
the stirring creatures and wind through trees, dispels
the haze of torments that drive you to the brink.

Day after day, you witness the sun dance on water –
it’s how the stillness became your friend. You crave
the darkness to glimpse the stars, and bask in the
onslaught of beauty in the simplest things. Ghosts
are powerless against the peace that nature brings.

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