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A Novel Idea for Rotten Old Fruit

‘The Prisoners’ (Die Gefangen) 1908, Käthe Kollwitz, Source: http://illustrationchronicles.com/Feed
PHOTO CREDIT: ‘The Prisoners’ (Die Gefangen) (1908), Käthe Kollwitz, Source: Illustration Chronicles

Supremacy: a malignant idea wilting on the
vine. Minds reared on its toxic fruit become
unconscious weapons, nurture ambitions
that flourish in the soil of disparaged lives.

Woman. Negro. Indian. Foreigner. Jew.
Nouns, ground down against the edifice
of collective ignorance, become epithets;
adjectives to eradicate like butcher knives.

The Law affirms a spirit of subjugation.
Latin garnishes, blunt legal instruments;
the sine qua non of justice: a revolving door
of prima facie suspects to disenfranchise.

History, a palimpsest of cruel embellishments;
fabulists engraving monuments, redacting truth
from memory, burying in the footnotes volumes
of innocents slain by bigotry, slavery, genocide.

The Past: a stone wall maintains the prisons
oppression built. Victims on parole, hit with
denial; jailors, wielding old stones, cling to
erstwhile allegations when aiming their eyes.

Equality: a novel idea accords with civilization –
prunes a mind overgrown with malevolent weeds,
nourishes ambitions rooted in ethical means,
blossoms fruit grounded in respect for all lives.

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